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Working With Me

It’s good to have ground rules.

Fire yields to Water. The Grasshopper yields to the Shrew, and the Gazelle to the Leopard. Structure, Process & Order are all important. For over two decades I’ve observed imagery, audio, and video transform on the internet, on viewer’s screens, and in their lives. You could say Web, Media and Technology are my life. Thus, everything I create and birth into this world is commited to a particular process or flow.

However, If you’re looking for someone to pitch you on their cookie cutter process, I’m not your guy. I like to hunt down and identify problems, manifest solutions, and reap the rewards of our joint accomplishments. Let’s put together a game plan specifically for you and your business or brand. If you’re looking for a natural leader willing to invest in you, help you tackle titans, push you to trail blaze, and reach new heights… I am your guy. If you’re a mindful business, conscious brand, entertainment curator, or digital creative I want to help you. If you’re looking for direction with multimedia or content development - I want to help you. Let’s separate you from the crowd.

The Three Rules

I have 3 simple rules that influence the Structure, Process & Order of any project regardless of its nature:

  1.  Do it with passion, or not at all.

  2.  HAVE FUN!

  3.  Communicate... A lot.



Photo shoots are always an amazing time. Photography was and still is my first love. We’re going to have a good time working together. When working together I like to take the time to organize visual references and discuss the individual needs for each photo project. Be prepared to discuss the nature of the shoot, the intention for the shoot and it’s intended audience. Whether it’s family portraits, commercial headshots, product photography or anything in between, I look forward to helping you shape your business or brand. If you’re new to being in front of the camera I highly recommend that take a look at my Talent + Modeling Guide. Ready? Let’s work together!


The Soul loves moving pictures; video is the most effective engagement content medium to date. Thus, I always aim to produce video that leaves an indentation in the spirit of its viewers. Video Production grants you the opportunity to combine emotion, vision, music and moving pictures. I lean on a storyboard driven process to take concepts piece by piece. I love collaborating on locations, props, and messaging! Let’s make a video!

Web & Graphics Design

Most consumers believe that if you don’t have a website - you don’t actually exist. Period. Social Media is powered by content. Your website is where all of your content should live. Thus a website is one of the most influential touch-points for consumer engagement. I build websites that allow brands and businesses to stand out and shake industries. I utilize a flow I call The D.R.I.P. system, and I’d love to tell you all about it when working together. Let’s get you online.

Consulting + Education

For over a decade I've been working with brands I believe in. Over this time of service I have honed and leveraged Brand Management, Cultural Consulting, Marketing Strategy, and Public Speaking to create communities, boost business operations and improve other people's quality of life and their work. My experience being an educator of Art, Technology and Operations has earned me titles like Program Director and Studios Director in the past. As you leverage my knowledge of technology, business and community building you’ll watch your business evolve and improve. How can I help improve your location or organization?

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quality multimedia

Only Custom Projects

Visual references are a must and stylistic examples can help give bearing to a project. However I do not and will not steal or clone. All of my work is produced 100% from start to finish internally. All of my work is 100% original. Know that in working with me you will always retain YOU in our collaborative co-creation endeavor.

I very much so like to incorporate words, images, and graphics together to convey ideology. For some reason that’s one of the most fascinating parts of the human experience for me. If you have a conscious design project, or some marketing assets that could use a fixer upper I’d love to help out. I like to listen and propose - I like to experiment and play. However, I also like structured projects with very specific tasks. Whether digital or tangible we’re gonna have a lot of fun.







For Over A Decade

I've been working with brands I believe in. I invite you to be next. How would you like to work together?

My Image

Commercial Portraits, Personal Branding, or Advice.


My Location

Venues, CoWorking, or Community focused spaces.


My Things

Merchandise, Products, Fashion Items, or Accessories.


My Marketing

Marketing Campaign, or Experience Enhancement Assets.



What's Your Growth Strategy?

Would you like to take your business or brand to the next level? Do you need creative content or offer conscious services? Are you searching for a unique way to stand out? Contact me now for Consulting & Coaching.

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