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Being on video…

A video shoot is a lot different than a photo shoot. I want to help you have the most amazing video shoot experience that you’ve ever had. So I put together a few things you should know in hopes of accomplishing that goal together. Even if you’ve done photo shoots in the past you should definitely take a look at this. It’s a lot different than my Talent + Modeling Guide. I hope that this cute little blurb equips you with all of the necessary intellectual tools to maximize our experience together and create an amazing end result. 


For my newbies here’s ten guidelines that will save you everytime…


  2. You’re the center of attention - Own it. It’s all about You. Be conscious of your emotional conveyance and resting face.

  3. Communicate what Point of View you feel the most comfortable being captured. Think Selfies. Fortunately (or unfortunately) “The Angles” do apply here.

  4. Unless specifically instructed to, please don’t wear green. Otherwise solid colors are usually the way to go. Dress how you’d like to be perceived.

  5. Haters are going to hate. People will judge your words and appearance. Mentally prepare for that.

  6. Are you hiring the makeup artist, or am I? If a MUA is necessary they’ll tell you that the best makeup is makeup unnoticed. If you’re going for a dramatic look have it done well.

  7. Cast your consonants. Use valiant vowels. Enunciate well. But try not to over do it. We don’t want you to look foolish ;-) 

  8. Look into the lens. Treat the camera like the gorgeous cyclops that she is. Y’know - make love to the camera.

  9. What’s the background going to be? What’s the viewer going to be looking at? Before confirming a shoot location make sure it has the right kind of visual appeal.

  10. People have short attention spans. Most video I do ends up being no longer than 2 - 3 minutes in length. What’s your audience’s attention span?

Here’s what NOT to do…

  • Try your best not to fidget. It comes off as nervous or insecure. Try to relax and sit still.

  • Oh, hey did I mention - DON’T WEAR GREEN. I forgot to mention stripes earlier too. Try to avoid those if you can as well.

  • If you’re given a microphone - dont eat it. It sounds funny and usually makes the production team uncomfortable. If you get mic’ed be sure to take a second to test your audio levels in order to determine a comfortable range.

  • Don’t be a pottymouth. If your mother finds this video you want her to be proud, right? On the other hand if swearing is a part of your persona - go for it. You know your brand.

...Annnnd a few things you definitely SHOULD do because they’ll help…

  • SMILE!! Like a Goddess. Like an Emperor. Like a Champion. Like you’re winning RIGHT NOW. Smile big! Smile bright!

  • Poise yourself in order to speak comfortably and clearly. Hopefully you practiced what you’re going to say in advance. Use confident active voice. If you have dialogue for your viewer, deliver it like they’re in front of you right now.

  • Body language says a lot remember? Use good posture in order to appear visibly confident and comfortable.


Confidence is King. Or Queen. But not at the same time. For a lot of people confidence starts with their appearance. So this is one of those occasions where the outfit totally matters. Your exterior appearance influences your viewers too. Your visual appearance is the first cue to the viewer as to what kind of content they’re consuming. So that question comes up again - “How do you want to be perceived?”

Assuming that you’re a member of a particular industry - what’s the look of that industry? Do you look like someone from that industry? Whether you’re representing your own brand or you’re an ambassador take time to consider how your appearance will impact the viewer’s perception of the video and it’s message.

Disposition, Delivery and Dialogue

Despite what you may think, speaking and being in front of the camera is a very real job. And a hard one at that. Being a successful personality or video host takes a delicate mix of emotion, inflection, confidence, performance and voice. Executing these things well is ultimately what creates a well received video by your viewers. Leaning on your personal feelings and showing up as authentic as possible can be tough at times. 

Ready for a few more tips you can apply personally in order to show up in the best of your ability professionally?

Inflection & Body Language

Your words will echo your look, and your look will echo your words. Thus the way that you’re feeling, the way that you sound, and your energy will all translate to the viewer. Pay attention to your stance, modulation, pitch, eyes, and lips. These are all mood indicators as well. Do your best to refrain from the use of word whiskers like “um”, “uh” and “ah” when speaking. And of course... don’t forget to smile.

A genuine smile goes a very, very long way. It’s far from the only thing that matters, but it makes a huge impact. This is why it’s so important to deliver from a place of comfort. Happiness and comfort are great friends and an amazing team. The more comfortable you appear, the more people will want to connect with you and the message you’re broadcasting.

Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup

Pro Tip: Lint, Crinkle and Wrinkle-Free is the way to be.

Ask if wardrobe is being provided, or if you need to bring your own. In the event that you’re responsible for producing your own garments it’s a good idea to bring more than just one outfit. I personally recommend staying away from stripes, metallic textures, shiny fabric or reflective materials. 

Your hair is a huge statement too. Prepare your hair to make an impact. The right kind of impact. If you wear it messy - got nuts. If it’s colorful - SHINE! Try to make sure that your hair isn’t covering your face. If wardrobe were a third of the persona pie, hair and body language would be the other two corresponding pieces. Believe it or not hair is one of the largest ways that people identify with social groups as well. So make sure that your hair is on-point.

A natural look is naturally going to do better. Unless the production calls for otherwise. My advice would be to apply just a tad bit more makeup than you would for your normal daily application. The end goal is to look as normal as possible under video lights or sunlight. It can be a tricky balance to navigate video ready makeup if you aren’t a professional. You definitely don’t want to look overdone or blown out (over exposed). So if you need a referral for a makeup artist please let me know. Whether there’s a MUA included in the shoot or not please make sure to bring all of your makeup with you. Foundation, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, and the whole kit-kaboodle. This way if an alteration or additional applications are necessary the appropriate tools are available.

Ready to shoot?

I hope this brief video ready guide helps you navigate and create expectations for shooting together. If you aren’t an existing client we can change that. If you are, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I look forward to co-creating with you.

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