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Modeling Guide

In front of the Lens

talent and modeling guide

You are the idea. You are the embodied emotions. You are what people see first. So what’s the best way for us to work together in order to create the best media piece possible? Collaboration. Directly in line with my three rules, I strive to create communicative and comfortable environments where you can be the best version of you possible. After all, it’s all about YOU. I love to discuss ideas, try new things, and just going with it. Check out the mindset, posing and voice inspiration below in order to help prepare for our upcoming shoot. If you're looking for my Video Ready Guide check this out.


modeling mindset

Think of the core emotion or function of what it is that you’re trying to display. Now become it. Whether it’s happy family portraits, being a video personality, or an edgy high fashion photo shoot if you’re the center of attention your purpose is portrayal.

After you see what you’re to become and deliver paint a mental picture of what you want. Then go for it! Maintaining your mental picture of what you’re doing is paramount. Be confident. Take your time. And as my three rules state - HAVE FUN! If it’s all in your head you have the power to make it whatever you want it to be. Your Mindset is everything.


Speak to teach. If lines, dialog or vocal delivery is a part of your function ensure that recipients can see and hear your emotional disposition. Make it real in your face, make it real in your voice. Speak clearly. Refrain from using words like “y’know”, “um”, “uh”, “like” or “yeah” unless specifically scripted. They detract from the overall message and hinder your content. Pace your breathe so that your words are spoken clearly.

Body Language

Modeling Tips

Anatomic expressions are literally the most important part of being in front of the camera. After finding your comfort zone for the shoot concept utilize your body as an enhancement. Your Body Language directly affects every pose. Take risks. Experiment. Play. Don’t feel particularly chained to one particular set of movements, stances or placements. Make it as interesting as possible.


modeling poses

There are standard fashion poses you’ve seen on Instagram, brochures, ads, and online stores (All great places to get inspiration for posing too...). Although hardly cutting-edge, these classics can gracefully add style to a collection and are almost expected by many. It’s a good idea to be able to pull off these types of looks and poses quickly. However always do you. Pose for comfort and conveyance.

You know your body best. So use what you know works. Pop that hip out. Extend that arm. Lean on that elbow. Slant those shoulders. Play with your hair. Spin on your tiptoes, squat, crouch, or use your hands to frame your face. Unfortunately your prized selfie pose won’t help you much here - sorry.

Personas & Ambassadors

brand ambassador

Whether it’s for your brand, your business or you’re representing one - stay consistent. Your face is your logo, and your style is only ever how you’ve consistently shown up. Try to keep at the forefront of your mind how your essence impacts the communities that you’re speaking to or representing. Stand in your power and always show up as the best version of you.

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