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About Me

Shun Williams

Indigo. Wanderluster. Projector. Libra. Activist.

I’m Shun. I resonate at a slightly different frequency than most. I like to capture people, emotions, places, things, and expressions. However ideas interest me the most. Ideas are like different depths of field throughout the mind’s eye. In working with the different individuals and brands that I have over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that photography, video, and film aren’t visual at all. They’re the eternal keepers of feelings. Our company. Our stories. Fragments of who we once were or whom we want to become. Our experiences. Projections into the Expansion.

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Media Professional

Cinematographer. Web Designer. Graphic Artist.

As a Creative

During my childhood my family called me “Spielberg”. In highschool and college I took a special interest in multimedia, psychology and communications. Rising to the top of my graphic design program only furthered my passion for visual expression and multimedia. The better I got, the more I fell in love. Years later after the many designed advertisements, weddings, people, places, and things I’ve photographed creation is more comfortable than conversation for me sometimes.

As a Professional

Married to efficiency; always been visual. I’ve been an art director. I’ve been a creative director. I’ve been a designer too. However I believe that worth is determined by more than previous titles and your toys. I’m more than name brand gear, esoteric adobe software programs, and expensive lenses. I am driven. I am dedicated to finishing what I start. I’m committed to keeping my word. I am over ten years of creative problem solving, and visual developments. I’m your guy. When not working on my own projects, I’m usually teaching at La Vue. Or living the #startup life at CELESTIAL.

Working with Me

I like equal energy exchange environments and passionate people. I believe in comfort. I believe in reward. I believe in hard work. I strive to create work environments fueled by collaboration and communication. I’d love to start a project with you, and ensure you the best of quality production. If you’d like to work together please review my guidelines for collaboration, then contact me so we can learn more about one and other. I can’t wait to put together a game plan.

Let’s go!

For Over A Decade

I've been working with brands I believe in. I invite you to be next. How would you like to work together?

My Image

Commercial Portraits, Personal Branding, or Advice.


My Location

Venues, CoWorking, or Community focused spaces.


My Things

Merchandise, Products, Fashion Items, or Accessories.


My Marketing

Marketing Campaign, or Experience Enhancement Assets.



What's Your Growth Strategy?

Would you like to take your business or brand to the next level? Do you need creative content or offer conscious services? Are you searching for a unique way to stand out? Contact me now for Consulting & Coaching.

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