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Consulting & Teaching

More than media & pretty pictures: Teaching & Consulting

Media and technology are my life. I can teach you how to leverage the both of them to grow your business, transform mental faculties and build awareness. I’ve had a helping hand in developing educational platforms like La Vue. I’ve also helped create lifestyle and educational programs for brands like Gangplank and Soul Center. I have hundreds of students that have learned multimedia from me and numerous brands I’ve helped reshape. From StartUps to stages - I’d love to share every secret I’ve learned along the way.


Teaching & Education

Personally, I believe that translation is the recipe to education. And just like cooking, education is all about the science of ingredients. Any concept can be relayed and taught to any student so long as the application can be made personal. Anyone can learn anything. I’ve successfully created, lead, and staffed educational programs for municipalities, brands, and private events. I have hundreds of completed students and years of experience helping people upgrade their minds. If you’re interested in swimming through my pool of knowledge on affiliate marketing programs, training, public speaking, software education, photography education, or video education please contact me now.

I teach, train, and educate for corporations, small-to-medium sized businesses and individuals in need of:

  • Software Education
  • Public Speaking
  • Multimedia Training & Education
  • Community Building
  • Technology Training

Consulting & Coaching

If you’re looking for someone to pitch you on their cookie cutter process, I’m not your guy. Let’s put together a game plan specifically for you. I like to hunt down and identify problems, manifest solutions, and reap the rewards of our accomplishments. If you’re looking for a natural leader willing to invest in you, push you to trail blaze your own way, and reach new heights… I am your guy. If you’re a conscious brand or digital creative I want to help you. If you’re looking for direction with multimedia or content - I want to help you. Let’s separate you from the crowd.

I can help guide you to create or improve the following:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Outreach, Brand Advocacy or Ambassador Programs
  • Business Operations
  • Partnership Programs
  • Brand Management

Working Together

I strive to create work environments fueled by collaboration and communication. I like equal energy exchange environments and passionate people. I believe in hard work. I believe in comfort. I believe in reward. I’d love to start a project with you, and ensure you the best of results. If you’d like to work together please review my guidelines for collaboration, then contact me so we can learn more about one another. I can’t wait to put a game plan together.

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