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Video Production & Editing

Video Production & Editing

Video is the most effective marketing medium in the world. Due to the high volume of social media content consumption & video views culture on YouTube, people pretty expect a video from you nowadays. 85% of businesses are using video to promote their brand on the internet right now. 92% of those (the 85% currently using video marketing) modern businesses using video marketing are currently seeing a fantastic R.O.I. from their video marketing campaigns. Don’t get left behind with outdated marketing materials and/or techniques.

I work with conscious brands to create stunning video content that engages viewers and drives sales. What’s your conversion rate for your current advertising campaigns? Would you like to increase it with video marketing? Great video starts with wonderful messaging.

Broadcasting a Message

What kind of message would you like to convey? Emotional security? Superior performance? Artisan quality? What does that look like to you? What does that look like to your target audience? I’d love to work with you in order to show you my secret formula of turning feelings into moving pictures.


Before co-creating a video I like to marry your vision with my creative capabilities. Depending upon the nature of the video content that we’re producing together there are a few different steps to be taken before turning on the cameras. Some of the tools I use to accomplish this are:

  • Graphic Assets Generation
  • Shot Lists
  • Storyboards
  • Loose Scripting
  • And More...

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After establishing your message, an emotional anchor and who the video ad’s target audience is, it’s time to make some movie magic. Before rolling the cameras I like to map out a few key pieces of information that will greatly affect the outcome of your production and help me to understand what kind of equipment will be necessary:

  • Shoot Location/Setting
  • Time of Day
  • Light Sources
  • Audio Needs
  • And More...

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Next, after completing pre-production and capture comes post-production. After mapping out all of the details in pre-production we’ll marry what’s been captured to the overall intention of the video. By applying some digital magic to graphic assets, the captured footage, and audio I’ll generate your finished product via the following processes:

  • Color Correction
  • Sequencing
  • Audio Adjustments
  • Trimming & Outtakes
  • And More...

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My Editing Process

I also can do professional video editing too. If you already have video footage and all of the fine details worked out, I can help you convert your footage and ideological foundation into a usable production piece. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before hiring me to create a moving pictures masterpiece for you:

  • What’s the emotional Conveyance?
  • How much footage do you have?
  • Where’s the video going?
  • Who’s the target audience?

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If you have any questions about what all is necessary to get yourself (or others) ready to be on camera you should check out my guide to creating highly effective videos and being on camera here.

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