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Photography Services

A great picture is worth a thousand..... dollars

Great photography generates sharable content and deep experiences. Did you know that 65-70% of your consumers are visual learners? That means that more than half of your sales are dependent upon visual stimuli. Most people simply cannot understand what you’re offering until they can see it. Which means from a product marketing standpoint seeing is believing. What message would you like to portray to your customer, and what emotions would you like to activate when they interact with your product, service or brand? View my packages here.

Building Your Brand’s Visual Appeal

Tantalizing imagery is the beginning of your customer journey. Apple is the leader of the technology market for a reason. They’ve spent almost 40 years perfecting their products' appearances online, in-person and on the web. In nature different colors and textures broadcast very clear messages. Thus when appealing to the visual nature of humans consider what ingredients you’d like to use in your secret visual formula. Here’s just a few for your consideration when evaluating what photographer you’re going to hire to generate imagery for your product or business. View my packages here.

  • Convey an Emotion or Feeling
  • Customer Intent
  • Models & Body Language
  • Setting and Background
  • Situationally Specific

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Product Photography

Presentation makes purchases happen. So - the box, and/or your ads totally matter. Text and verbal communication are very important aspects for potential customers too. But, while researching your product, the images are what’s going to motivate your consumer or lead to engage with your product in the first place. So after you write out all of your product benefits here are a few things to consider when sourcing product photography. Photography packages are here.

  • Colors
  • Features Portrayal; Display the Details
  • Shapes and Angles 
  • Communicate Solutions
  • Demonstrate Value

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Portraiture & Personal Aesthetics

Whom would you like to attract? Your presence powers your personal brand. So keep in mind that your essence attracts the communities that you’re speaking to or representing. Your vibe is your most dominant value proposition and needs to directly align with your brand, product or service. You’re the pudding that the proof comes from. Below is a short mental checklist to go through before scheduling a shoot with me for your personal brand. And if you’d like to get really deep into constructing your commercial avatar I have a really good modeling guide that you should read too. You can also see my packages here

  • Personas Create Appeal
  • Industry Representation
  • Make a Statement
  • Show What You Do
  • Permeate Your Passions

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