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Business Consulting

StartUp Business Consulting

Starting a business takes a strong team, vision, guidance, direction, time, effort, energy, and understanding. It requires the ability to communicate with multiple audiences, solve commercial problems and sustainably maintain high quality execution. Building a conscious business or brand is no different. I work with those interested in commercially contributing to the highest good of all. I do that by helping organizations and individuals organize desires, ideas, products and services into profitable systems and structures that service local and global harmony.

Building Your StartUp

Starting a business is more than paperwork and confidence. It’s procuring processes, resource management, community building, managing abundance, planning on how to handle losses, and creating solid teams. And that’s only the beginning. Don’t forget about strategy, branding, marketing, messaging or sales. I can help you organize your dream into a reality through my StartUp consulting services. How can I help?

Brand Architecture

Whether you need help setting up services, building a platform or perfecting your product I can help you arrange your passions, actions, vision and mission into a comprehensive commercial dissemination device via:

  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Diversification Strategies
  • Product Development
  • Support Systems

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Business Operations

Let’s work together to organize your thought streams into sustainably actionable means that accomplish your commercial dreams. Whether you’re a one-person army or have a dedicated team I can help you ascend into the next level of efficiency through:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Development & Sales Team Training
  • Service & Support Systems
  • Research & Development
  • Technology

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Storefront Operations

If you operate from a brick and mortar command center, I’d love to help you optimize your organization’s profit center(s) into places of comfort, cohesion, co-creation and subsidy flow. Let’s work together to upgrade your commercial storefront with:

  • Automation Tools
  • Leadership Training
  • Consumer Experience Design
  • Point of Sale Education
  • Sales Team Training

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For Over A Decade

I've been working with brands I believe in. I invite you to be next. How would you like to work together?

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What's Your Growth Strategy?

Would you like to take your business or brand to the next level? Do you need creative content or offer conscious services? Are you searching for a unique way to stand out? Contact me now for Consulting & Coaching.

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