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Portal Five

I had an incredible time deep in the trees and undergrowth of New Mexico with the Dream Team and my best mates where we built and activated galactic portal number five. If you’re still unfamiliar with the Sixth Sun Mayan Calendar Dream Catchers, you should go check out Jose’s website here

These Mayan Calendar Dream Catchers, or “Galactic Portals” brings thoughts into form. Our hopes, our dreams, desires, and intentions. They’re a sovereign manifestation tool to render humanity’s dreams into the 3D reality. The Dream Catchers are designed to bring the community together. They’re a bridge to the spiritual world, the dream world and the material world. They allow all of them to converge into our plane of existence. 

The assembly and glyphs of the Dream Catchers help us to manifest consciously. The Dream Catchers take effort, energy, thoughts and prayers sending them directly into the universe. These Portals help us to connect with our highest selves. They’re modern triggers to the ancient future.

The fifth Six Sun Mayan Dream Catcher Portal’s location was in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been - Mora, New Mexico. I know most of the time when you hear of New Mexico you think, ‘...What the heck is in New Mexico?’ haha. I mean - other than Area 51 and MeowWolf. But, I assure you it’s quite the enchanted place indeed.

The journey began as Tori and myself attended a Mystical Cacao Ceremony in Mesa, AZ at The Soul Center. Zoe and Tata Jose arrived in sacred time with Too Cuco to facilitate the ceremony and offer their wisdom to those in attendance. Healing, current events, the water protection effort and love were all topics of discussion amongst those in attendance. From there we said our goodbyes, had a quick team huddle and then hit the road for Mora lead by Zoe and Jose. Nine hours later upon our arrival all five of our senses were pleasantly delighted by the essence of this colorful cozy little mountain town.

Check out me and The Dream Team as we usher in peace, unity, love and harmony into the next 26,000 years of Mora, NM and all of humanity.


I hope that you enjoyed the video! Like I said - majestic AF, right?! This was most definitely a mission for the books. However not only because of the lovely landscape views. Not because I met the coolest feline I’ve ever met in my life. Not only because of the wild horses running around kissing us, and lending their love as medicine. Not because I was surrounded by the people carrying out this great intergalactic effort. But because for three days twenty five people of different races, religions, backgrounds, and creeds came together in a way that shows me true unity is possible. PEACE is possible. Global healing is possible and it’s currently under way. But how? LOVE. Love is always the answer. Love is always what’s needed. Love is always the solution. We all made the agreement to lean on love, and only love. Not judgement. Not bias, or classes, or exterior appearances; but love. I love each and every single member of this divine team. I love all of my human family. I love all of my galactic family. And I would love to see YOU at the next Sixth Sun Mayan Dream Catcher Gathering.

Thanks for tuning in,
The Dreamer. The Expression-o-grapher.

I wanted to give a galactic thank you to both Paul and Vanee. You’ll be in my heart forever.



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