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Disclosure Fest

Disclosure Fest was absolutely amazing. DisclosureFest Foundation is a multi-cultural, community-based nonprofit platform. The Disclosure Fest Foundation unites “heart centered”, like-minded people in an effort to raise consciousness, provide education on health and wellness and create awareness of global, environmental and humanitarian initiatives with on-going volunteer based programs. They carry out several initiatives designed to raise the vibration of the planet. Including but not limited to their Mass Meditation Initiative, the Feed Our Souls Initiative, the Clean Air Initiative, and the Beach Cleanup Initiative. This year’s Disclosure Fest took place @ Los Angeles State Historic Park, and it was absolutely beautiful! You should check out the really cool plants at the entrance of the park.

For the 2019 Disclosure Festival I was blessed and privileged enough to attend as a member of the Sixth Sun Mayan Dream Catcher Team lead by Tata Jose. This was my second Dream Catcher Installation. My first being the Double Dream Catcher at Soul Center in Mesa, AZ. The Sixth Sun Mayan Dream Catcher team integrates with Festivals and Minifestivals all over the world. So I’m extremely excited to be contributing to & following these sacred installations all over the globe for the years to come!

A Mayan Calendar Dream Catcher, or “Galactic Portal” brings thoughts into form. Our dreams, our hopes, desires, and intentions. They’re a sovereign manifestation tool to birth dreams into a 3D reality. The Dream Catchers are designed to bring community together. They’re a bridge to the spiritual world; the dream world and the material world. They allow them to all converge into ONE. The assembly and glyphs of the Dream Catchers help us remember to manifest consciously. They take energy, thoughts and prayers directly into the universe. These Portals help us connect with our highest self. They’re triggers to the ancient future.

Check out me and the Soul Core gang as we bring peace, unity, love and harmony into the next 26,000 years. Maltiox!


If you'd like more information on The Six Sun Sacred Sun Mayan Dream Catchers or if you'd like to DONATE to this divine effort, please reach out directly to Jose Munoz @ unitylovepeace33@gmail.com. Thanks for watching!


- The Dreamer ;-)

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