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Cultures Collide

Cross Cultural Collisions: Navigating the Road to Real Unification

Have you ever accidentally found yourself at exactly where you needed to be? I don’t mean the right place at the right time kind of thing. I’m talking about when you can see the situation happening right before your eyes while your 3D body is still within the scope of your vision - that kind of thing. I’ve been having those quite a bit lately.

Akon Lighting LA by DisclosureFest

The Dream Team had the honor of attending the Akon Lighting L.A. featuring DJ Snoopadelic event over the weekend of November 15-16 at 3BlackDOT. A Dream Catcher Portal was temporarily constructed for their launch in order to harness galactic energies and physically hold intention. Another lovely conscious event produced by DisclosureFest™. Little did I know that it was going to be the site of an epic Cross Cultural Collision.

Michelle Anderson - Awakening Code Radio

In the TRINE construct we generate and leverage cross-cultural collisions as opportunities to perform 1:1 integrated, educational, social and cultural exchanges. This “Peer-to-Peer” kind of community architecture allows for a larger cultural impact in my opinion. Trading concepts and artistry for social capital quickly gave many contributors, patrons and participants a sense of connectedness and purpose. That experience activates a niche portion of ground-level  influencers that generate, then pass on their experiences and knowledge. I like to think of it as influencing positive social trends. However when experiencing them in the “wild” forming these ideological bridges can be a little bit more tricky. As the event opened Jose prepared a Sacred Fire to bless and cleanse the property. But the fire was ordered to be put out. Just before the Sacred Fire literally exploded in her face, I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Anderson from Awakening Code Radio and Eric Walsh of One Cell Energetics.

Michelle invited Eric and Myself to join her on her podcast in order to recollect our experiences. It was a pretty wild experience after all. Listen to the podcast below to get the full recap of our joint observations and experiences from that magical experience. Check out our discussion on how to integrate all of these cultural energies within an open space of compassion.

We’re all evolving a bit more each and every single day. Cooing and stirring in the chrysalis of the eternal now. In an age where for the first time (since the last time) we have the opportunity to reevaluate how we show up - as a society. As a species. How we want to integrate, and how we want to unify. As we Navigate the Road to Real Unification we’re filling our minds and hearts with so many old and new experiences. New knowledge and ancient wisdom. We need more places on this planet like Arcosanti, AZ. More places like Soul Center where we can learn to build healthier cities and healthier societal constructs. If you haven’t experienced these places… please go. Please equip yourself with those experiences.

I’m thankful that I was exactly where I needed to be at just the right time in order to have this experience. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to have this change in perspective. To see both sides. To be a front row observer of this transition. Adrian, Michelle, Jose, Akon - thanks for inciting another excellent adventure.

The Expressionographer. The Dreamer.

Don Jose Ruiz Jon Nash - Filmmaker 6th Sun Infinity Mayan Dream Catcher Portal

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