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I feel like I’ve learned more in the last three years than I have in the last three decades. In every situation, story or circumstance there are at least two sides of perception available. Yours and theirs. In every act, deed or tribute there is a motive. An Intention. There is no evil without good. No positivity without negative elements. The opposing colored dot, in the prominent opposite colored whole. In my personal opinion, this is the very nature of both choice and presence. As well as existence.

You cannot be a white light without first acknowledging and accepting your own shadow, and the shadows of the world. For shadow is as beautiful as it is dark. And the light is just as healing & guiding as it is clear. But those of luminance possess great shadow. And those of the dark will always respect and honor the light; even in opposition.


On this premise I have arrived at a new place for myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. While "Meeting people where they're at" I have had the great privilege and honor of getting to know some truly wonderful souls of late. Healers, Shamans, stewards of the faith, men and women of God. Magi, sorcerers and sorceresses. And I've even gotten the pleasure of having experiences with other worldly beings. Not a single one of them - of US - have been perfect, or even anywhere near it. Rather the opposite. The more magnanimous the soul and it's efforts (for “good” or “evil”) the more trauma present. I've yet to, and do not think that I ever will meet a being of pure light, or pure darkness. Because at the end of the day "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter", and ultimately they're stretching towards the same things that you too want... Security, stability, love, family, belonging. Acceptance. Understanding. To be seen, heard, appreciated and welcomed.


I have a great vision to unite the globe, and build Paradise here on Earth as many of you know. And I cannot do it alone. I need your light, and I need your darkness. I need your presence. Your opinion, and your perspective. Your words, actions and deeds. Your support and your contributions. What good is Paradise if we cannot all enjoy it together? Just like anything else.... There are two sides to this story of paradise. The Trauma filled experiences and the Healing actions that come afterwards. 

At the end of 2019 I started vigilantly focusing on doing my own on-going healing efforts and practices to realign myself after a very majestic, very stressful - but enjoyable - year of Discovery, Adventure, Stewardship and Service. When I return in 2021 there will be some Earth-moving pieces of my mission to tend to. To revoke, evoke, call in and send out. Pieces of paradise I would be unaware of without being present and watching all of YOU. Watching You work and run your businesses. Watching You celebrate. Watching Your ceremonies and Your rituals. I’ve been seeing the good and the bad. All parts of society in many different places. I’ve been holding space for You. Catching your tears, taking Your calls, answering your emails and researching the things that WE are ALL going through. I feel as if during 2019 and 2020 so far I’ve gained a glimpse of what the world of The Epath could ACTUALLY be in this lifetime. In this existence. But, not without continuously putting forth the effort to heal ME too. And substantiate Myself too. So I will keep learning and evolving because I ONLY EVER WANT TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF ME, ever. In all things. Thus, I’ll be taking a break from a few things and communities for a little while in order to focus on some necessary 3D elements needed to continue this great work, and see this dream that I’ve had so long finally materialize. I'm very close.

As I take this time to myself I'll be quietly revisiting all of the alchemical constructs I've contributed to over the past 10 years. As I have grown and changed, they need to be altered and reshaped as well. LilliMusic was birthed from the sacred Fire in order to bring us all together through song and dance. To heal, empower and repair our bodies the spirit of the Earth birthed Bot128. Through the Airy breath of life and the intellect of many communities TRINE was born. In the Watery depths of my emotions I decided to transmute my first love (photography) into La Vue

The original four will always be present. They’ll never go away - however they’ll always continue to change. While holding the intention of creating the greatest good for all, and in the spirit of change all of these brands will be undergoing a redirect and pivot. However, for the first time ever all of them will be integrated as contributing factors into one construct. In the maturation and evolution of these brands I realized that I have yet to birth a construct from that of the Ether. No larger container. The Ether is the source of all of the elements. Fire, Earth, Air and Water ultimately all came from the heavens, and coalesced to form the terrestrial world we all know now.

The world that we know is due for some serious change. Outside and inside. Will you help me change it? I’m currently looking for access to private landowners and artists of every type. Painters, technologists, practitioners, coders, engineers, healers, makers, singer songwriters, musicians, yogis, architects, lovers of dance, master builders and crafts people. If you believe in peace I’m asking you to join hands with us. If you believe in paradise, I’m asking you to join hands with us. If you believe in galactic harmony and cosmic unity, I’m asking you to join hands with us. If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves, drive the nails, pour the concrete and lay the foundation to build paradise here on Earth with us...please - come join hands with us. We’re waiting for you.

It’s going to take all of us, but in the end it will be absolutely Celestial.


I couldn’t be more excited to be birthing Celestial. Due to the reverberating shockwave of the pandemic we’ll be pushing back our opening date to the 2021 spring equinox. Saturday, March 20th, 2021. As I and the rest of the world move through the reconstruction process throughout the remaining months of  2020 my cosmic child will continue stirring in the galactic womb. We eagerly await our time to live, work, play and learn together. Keep in touch.

- The Dreamer

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